Andrew Beh

Andrew Beh, MBA, CFA

Co-Founder, Partner

Full Service Rail Management

In 2002, Andrew was a high school mathematics teacher in Sydney, Australia about to embark on a one year working holiday to the US. Little did he know how much his life was about to change! After a few years of working in a high school in the greater Atlanta area, Andy decided to undertake an MBA at The University of Georgia concentrating in Finance and Investments. Once he graduated, he was invited to join the Finance Management Training Program at CSX in Jacksonville. It has been said that railroading “gets in your blood”, and Andy can certainly attest to that! Over the last few years, Andy has fine-tuned his financial and business acumen at Class 1 railroad CSX, as well as two short-line railroad managing companies; RailAmerica and Patriot Rail. He has learned, first hand, the day-to-day operational challenges that the ground forces face, and how working closely as a team in monitoring revenue generating and cost control opportunities can translate into shareholder/stakeholder success.

To achieve financial success; you have to have complete buy-in from both the operations and commercial groups, and the role Andy plays is that of a facilitator, and sometimes mediator, between the two groups helping to bring ideas to life. Andy has cherished the success he has as a financial and commercial analyst, planning director and, overall, a strategic adviser to the various railroads with whom he has been associated. It is with this same passion and energy to effect positive change, that Andy approaches all of his business dealings. Through all his adventures, Andy has become very aware of the value of making the most of the opportunities available to you. Sometimes they are staring you right in the face and it just takes someone with a different perspective to make you aware of the potential that lies just out of reach. With each step forward you will realize personal and professional growth and are led to another set of amazing opportunities you never knew existed. In Corporate Finance, just as in Financial Advising, the key is understanding the status quo and the constraints that exist, and then developing a clear picture of where we want to go. This planning phase can only be achieved through open and honest communication, by listening to people, observing how they work, by measuring performance and by evaluating results. Using this framework, we can build a plan that will get you to your goals. Being successful is not an accident, but it is something for which is carefully and thoughtfully planned. Having a plan is key to understanding whether you are being successful, or not. With Andy’s experience in education, corporate finance and financial advising, he'll make you the best that you can possibly be, both personally and professionally.