Jeff Burns

Jeff Burns

Consultant, Commercial Systems and Data Management

Full Service Rail Management

Mr. Burns has a broad base of experience spanning over 30 years in Finance, Accounting, Technology, Product Management, Commercial Analysis, e-Business, Banking and Student Lending.   Jeff’s leadership, analytical and communications skills are widely regarded in the railroad and banking industries.  Jeff has spent most of his career working across functional areas and has lead companies to achieve or exceed their financial and productivity targets.

Jeff designs, implements and manages a variety of transportation programs and has trained and educated users to help achieve corporate goals.  His focus has been on increasing revenue or reducing costs, while improving productivity.

Jeff’s railroad experience spans both Class 1s and short line railroads; having been an integral employee at CSX, RailAmerica, and subsequently Genesee and Wyoming, and the Florida East Coast Railway.

Jeff has extensive experience successfully managing RMI and ShipXpress platforms and is credited with having “directed the most successful rollout ever of RMI’s ShipperConnect and eBOL products” as noted by both RailAmerica and RMI, and having dramatically exceeded productivity expectations through the rollout.

His current focus is on providing consulting services within the short line industry, focusing on improving measurements, providing analytical tools and increasing revenue while focusing on Customer Relationship Management.