John Jinkner

John Jinkner, DBA

Consultant, Pricing and Data Sciences

Full Service Rail Management

John D. Jinkner is a Rail Rate Wizard, Doctoral Candidate at Jacksonville University and experienced Professor and traveling Lecturer bestowing wisdom to students and faculty alike at Universities globally.

John works with major national rail shippers analyzing their freight traffic and works successfully with a team to negotiate multiyear contracts that save his clients’ money, time and provides a mid-contract cycle rate strategy to lower costs and increase efficiency.

During his 20-year career at CSXT, John become an expert in transportation and logistics, wrote several articles regarding business to business pricing theory and received two Chairman's Award of Excellence awards; CSXT's highest award, for his teamwork and participation in pricing. "The world of pricing is a firm's best opportunity to define its value proposition.”

Rail shippers benefit from the unique insight into rail rate pricing that only John can provide. This insight not only lowers freight transportation costs, but provides a greater level of knowledge as to the shippers’ rate structure, negotiating power and ability to drive long term savings.

John Jinkner anticipates award of his Doctorate in Business Administration in Marketing from Jacksonville University in August 2017. He is a Faculty Chair at Webster University and has taught in their M.B.A. program for fifteen years. John travels internationally, lecturing at acclaimed universities, including having been invited to Harvard Business School to lecture and coach the first two inaugural years that they offered a capstone Business Simulation Program.